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How do I know if I am in love? How to Know If a Boy Likes You Are you asking. This question because you have fallen head over heels in love with someone? But still uncertain if it is true love or not. Believe me. If you are in love you will know. Love is a funny thing; sort of magical if you like, meaning. It can change a person’s personality in more ways than one, but thankfully in most cases in a good way.

Being in love can be a lovely experience, or a time of pain. How to Know If a Boy Likes You heartache, and even sadness. There have been many boys and girls who had their hearts broken when the person they had the hots for showed no interest in them. Love can be cruel at times but you have to move on.

Be careful when looking for love because all too often people get in a relationship for the wrong reasons, overlooking the most important – love. You will find that most couples that break up do so because the link to an everlasting partnership was never there in the first place.

Signs that indicate you are in love, and the telltale signs that a girl or boy likes you. How to Know If a Boy Likes You

  1. You have a good clean-out. You erase past memories of an old flame such as relationship souvenirs. This proves you are over him or her and ready to move on with that someone new you worship
  2. Tend to be nicer to the people around you instead of being grumpy, that is if you are a grumpy person.
  3. You long to be at this someone’s side as much as possible, you yearn to wake up beside them in bed. You wait for the phone to ring and will do whatever it takes to keep others off the phone when waiting for a call, even if it resorts to something as serious as blackmail.
  4. Smile and your face lights up at the mention of their name. You know you’re in love when drawing love hearts with his/ her name in alongside yours on paper becomes an obsession, or engraving lovey-dovey remarks into the bark of a tree, in fact, anything that their name will look good on will likely become a target Your heart flutters when you look at a photo of them or maybe misses a beat.
  5. Some go as far as breaking the law to let the world know of their undying love. They may use a can of spray paint to say “I love you” on the side of a train, bus, or the bridge they pass over.
  6. All your thoughts are spent on this person making it hard for you to concentrate on other things. When the two of you are out and about, you never want the day to end. You spend lots of time dreaming about them and the things you can both get up to on a date, and in marriage.
  7. He/she will be on your mind as soon as you open your eyes in the morning until you shut them at night that is if you can sleep. Sleepless nights are a common sign to say you are in love.
  8. Find out your ex-boyfriend or girlfriend is getting married and it does not worry you
  9. You are over your shyness when around your ex.
  10. You share your past with your new love (where you grew up and schooled). This is a sign you want him/her to stick around and get to know all there is to know about you and hopefully share a little more than just nostalgia as you get to know each other better.
  11. You tell them what you want out of life big and small.
  12. Holiday brochures are a sign. Who would want to go on holiday with someone they did not love aside from friends, so yes a sure sign.
  13. You cannot wait to show him/her off to friends and family.
  14. You’re happy doing nothing together just as long as you are with them

Okay, now you have a good idea you adore this How to Know If a Boy Likes You certain someone. Let us look at some pointers that suggest they like you back.

13 Tell Tale Signs You're in Love - How to Know If a Boy Likes You and What to Say to Get a Date

Common signs your crush likes you

  1. He/she is aware of who you are and what you are all about. This tells you that they have done some homework on your background
  2. You always catch them looking at you from afar
  3. They may be nervous in your company
  4. Their friends act oddly around you. It is likely they will try and bring you too close together without you catching on to what they are trying to do.
  5. Your crush might gently tickle you on passing.
  6. He/she makes every effort to talk or be with you.
  7. If a person is nonstop making calls to you for no real reason then it’s a sign? If their excuse for calling makes no sense, then 100% guarantee the boy or girl likes you.
  8. You may notice they act differently around you? Nerves can make people do some funny things. And in the case of boy likes girl or girl likes boy, usually always embarrassing things.

Are you thinking about taking the lead role and do what one would expect a boy to do, i.e. make the first move and ask for a date, if so, then go get him, girl?

Tips: How to Know If a Boy Likes You

Don’t dilly dally, stand tall with your head in the air and get on with it. Move-in on him and introduce yourself. Don’t be put off and think the bloke doesn’t like you because he’s quiet. Men just like women can be timid. If he is receptive, then engage him in small talk. Get him to open up and ask simple questions about himself. Keep eye contact at all times.

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After a short time, your confidence will have built up and of course then a perfect time to ask him out on a date.

Asking a boy out for a date is not easy for a girl from, just as it is the same for some boys when it comes to asking a girl for a date. If you want this person then you just have to get on and ask them out. Of course, it betters the odds of the relationship going further if the person feels the same about you.

How is a person in love expected to know if the one they have their eye on is interested in them if there are no clear signs? That should not be a problem because like I said you just have to get on and ask them for a date to find out.

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